It all started with a SkyBlock Server.

In November 2017, Matteopritchard and BlazedPlayz created the very first SkyCubes server using the IP skycubes.1337srv.com with beta testing from Kody_ and PanzerTiger12. It used Minecraft 1.12.2, various but simple plugins, and only got 50 players total during its tenure, but kept to our philsophy of no microtransactions. The server launched to the public soon after, with Matteo releasing a trailer in December. SkyCubes still uses Server.Pro to host its servers to this day.

While Panzer and Kody went their separate ways, Matt recruited InvaderInvader to start work on the future of SkyCubes. Realizing that SkyCubes was in need of a desparate upgrade, Invader, Blaze, and Matt worked on what would become Tekkit Legends

The Tekkit Legends Transition

SkyCubes was closed in January 2019 to ensure a seamless transition to Tekkit Legends, which launched on Christmas Day 2018. Within its first few months, the server surpassed the original server's total player count in less than a month; we still blame it to the lack of sufficient and small Tekkit Legends servers. A trailer was released soon after, which eventually increased the player count to just below 1,000 by mid-august 2019. Around this time, BlazedPlayz left the team over creative differences, but SkyCubes also gained new staff, including artist Catty_in_mysocks, Brycen, a beta tester, and new moderators: MrMarvelous01, GodMistake, and Noobdaglue, also known as madcookie13.


With the rapid growth of Tekkit Legends, matteopritchard decided it was time to finally open another server. While keeping to the original formula of SkyBlock and eventually introducing a Prison game mode, this time we targeted another lacking market: Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers. It was also at this time that SkyCubes stopped officially endorsing its servers on the domain 1337srv.com and transitioned to publishing its servers on the new domain skycubes.tk. The server, despite a new wave of advertising and potential players, did not succeed, and it closed in September of 2019.