News and patch notes

9/28/2019: New Partnership: Hydra Modpack Central

We have decided to create another sustainable partnership with Hydra Modpack Central in order to provide more diverse experiences to more players. Hydra offers many unique themed modpacks for all to enjoy!

And yes, all servers will remain up! But there will be no bungee-cords between SkyCubes, IndicaCorp, and Hydra servers.

9/15/2019: Partnership with INdicaCorp and 1.7.10 Pack servers

Normally, we don't do double headlines, but this is pretty impressive.

First off, we would like to say that we are now in partnership with the server IndicaCorp and its owner Kasel. They will be the unofficial "SkyCubes Tekxit server". We urge you to check out their website at!

Also, since Tekxit is now being supplied by Kasel, our new server will be a 1.7.10 Pack server (if it passes beta tests).

9/9/2019: A new MODDED server (Possibly)

We have analyzed numerous statistics, and have considered starting a second modded server for SkyCubes. If the server goes up, the verison will be 1.12.2, and for certain the modpack will be TEKXIT 3.

We have also considered SkyFactory and the 1.7.10 Pack, but from here on out we are sticking with Tekxit 3 due to technical difficulties with the other packs and compatibility of plugins.

If you would like to have your server under the SkyCubes name, message BOTH matteopritchard and InvaderInvader.

9/3/2019: Closing SkyCubes Skyblock/Bedrock

We have analyzed numerous statistics regarding our Bedrock server. Due to a non-existent playerbase and the overall unpopularity of SkyBlock, we are going to close support for SkyCubes Bedrock as of 9/3/2019, and officially closing the Bedrock server by the end of September 2019 unless there is an outreach of players, or in other words, a miracle. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support, as we ask you to migrate to SkyCubes Tekkit Legends.

8/30/2019: SkyCubes Tekkit Legends UPdate 1.5!

Here it comes, update 1.5!

  • Voting has been added! Recieve 1 dark matter for every vote!
  • A brand new hub and redesigned XP Farm and Server Information Room
  • A new logo has been added!
  • Website Makeover!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Removed Herobrine (if he ever existed...)

8/20/2019: Launch of SkyCubes Bedrock

The launch! (Officially version 1.0)


  • SkyBlock!
  • Hub and Shop!
  • Economy, Buying, and Selling!
  • Parkour Course!


  • Grinding Pit
  • Prison Mode
  • Parkour Rewards

We are recruiting moderators! Play on the server for a while and see where things end up! You may be our next staff member!

8/19/2019: Moving from Wix to Google Sites

SkyCubes is officially moving from Wix to Google Sites. The reasons for this include our use of Freenom and how Wix prohibits its free users from connecting a domain. Google also minimizes its branding, unlike our previous service providers, Wix and Weebly.

We thank Wix for over 8 months of dedication and service to SkyCubes!