Rules and Terms

This includes the privacy policy!

General Rules:

1. Don't impersonate any player

2. Do not hack, cheat, or illegally obtain items (This Includes obtaining Banned Items!).

3. Don't lag or crash the server intentionally without staff permission and experimental pruposes

4. Administrators are exempt from some of these rules.

5. Don't harass, bully, threaten, discriminate, or abuse anyone or any part of the server. This includes foul language (TBD by Staff)

6. No illegal activity according to United States Law.

7. No Griefing any claimed area, island, or unauthorized area, including Spawn of all servers.

8. Don't beg for ranks nor advertise without permission.

9. PVP only permitted in designated arenas or with player permission.

10. Rules subject to change at any time without notice (We will usually notify you)

If you believe that no valid reason or legitimate answer for your ban was provided, you can appeal a ban using our contact forms or direct messaging (DMing) an admin or the owner over Discord. Please note, if you appeal, the ban may still be in place due to our reasoning.


  • All mods included in Tekkit Legends
  • Optifine
  • Damage Indicators
  • Minimap mods


  • Hacked Clients (Aristois, Wurst, etc)


All players automatically agree to these terms upon connection. All clauses will survive termination.

​In addition to the general rules posted above the terms of this legal agreement, you also must follow the terms below.

You agree to any and all of these terms by accessing our properties. These terms apply on the designated property, or if not clarified, apply to all properties, which are our servers, websites, and anything we as a company own. If you have a dispute, locate our contact forms. Those who own or work for the server may be exempt from this agreement, and any clause may be made exempt to you if you receive an email verified by SkyCubes. You agree by violating any of these terms that you will pay any fine addressed to you in a legitimate and legally-obtained manner, however fines will only be used for top-level violations.

The Gregorian calendar will be used for dates.

The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

US Law will have priority. You agree that any right not protected by French or UK Law may be protected by US Law, and US Law may revoke rights and permissions. Citations of any other law will not be accepted in any event of dispute, including class-action lawsuits. You agree you may be sued by the United States by violating this agreement in a criminal manner.

You may not bypass, exploit, hack, or illegitimately access any part of our property that is off-limits. This includes the activity commonly known as "griefing", exploiting or taking advantage of bugs, hacking or adding/editing code of the property, physical or digital, of SkyCubes or our partners and service providers, using our services for commercial purposes (streaming and video making is allowed), accessing banned items within the game our server is using, or hacking the property of any player that has ever connected to SkyCubes since December 25th, 2018. You also agree that you may not forge verification of a SkyCubes email.

In short, don't hack, exploit, or sabotage us. Respect the fact we are offering this service to you for free and you don't have to pay anything to us. Don't use banned items, and don't impersonate staff.

As part of the gameplay experience, players have the ability to chat messages with staff and fellow players. You are aware chat is a privilege and not a right, and this can be revoked at any time. Specifically, the following language is not permitted in chat:

-Racist, prejudicial, or discriminating dialogue/slurs.

-Messages that defame or criticize SkyCubes or any of its players in an unkind manner unless the player in question violated this agreement.

-Corporate Promotions or Advertising.

-Messages relating to members of or the German Nazi Party, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Wells-Fargo, crime, sex, illegal drugs, the Ku Klux Klan, or anything our staff deems inappropriate.

-Impersonation of anybody

Be respectful and keep all of your nasty comments behind the screen. Please be aware we may have those who are not mature enough for adult topics play on the server, and do refrain from building inappropriate material, including sexual organs, on your island or plot of land.

You agree not to hack or illegally access any of our data, including passwords. You are not permitted in any event to modify or copy the materials, use the materials for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial); attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on our site or the site of our service providers, or affiliate the website and/or any other service belonging to SkyCubes or its service providers to criminal activity.

You agree your data is subject to the privacy policy.

You may not use any portion of SkyCubes or credit us for illegal activity, unless it violates only the law of North Korea and Iran. This includes, but is not limited to, the manufacture, design, development, export, or relation of illegal drugs, bombs, missiles, biological weapons, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, censorship, nuclear weapons, thermonuclear weapons, machine guns, military bases, organized crime, weapons used by organized crime, and anything that has to do with hate crimes, mass destruction, or killing people.

You may not access any part of our services when they are down, if you even can access them. You acknowledge that SkyCubes sites and services are permitted on any internet archive, but everyone must be shown an advertisement for SkyCubes products and services while visiting SkyCubes content on said archive.

We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen articles, physical or digital.

We respect your right to a class-action lawsuit, but you may not file a lawsuit against SkyCubes under the following topics:

  • Service outages and DDoS attacks
  • The terms of services agreement and any violation of it

We will, however, do whatever we can to resolve any conflicts in court regarding SkyCubes.

If an email is posted on SkyCubes properties, you may not place it on any mailing list unless you pay $1,000,000 for every email sent and $2,000,000 for every company emailing me.

If you would like to propose an amendment, ask a question, or give feedback on any part of our service, use the contact forms.


We are aware that some companies are secretive and will sell your information, including email addresses, credit card information, and sensitive data without any compensation from the user other than agreement to a EULA or Terms of Service. Therefore, we have set this policy to disclose our privacy practices, including what we collect, how we share it, and who we share it with.

​I: Information Collected

A: Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • We will only collect information that contains your personal info if you use our contact forms. This only includes in-game username and your email, nothing else.
  • Your IP address may be recorded through our analytical programs utilized, but IP addresses will only identify your general region, like your city, state, province, prefecture, administrative region, or country of origin.
  • Some of our servers use location-based plugins, but they will only disclose your country of origin.

​B: Non Personal Information

  • Some of what you do on our properties (servers, websites, or anything we own, physical or digital) may be collected but not identified to your name or email. We will use your in-game username or a unique set of numbers and letters to identify you.
  • Google Analytics is used on this site. To the best of our knowledge, Google may collect information that does not personally identify you off our site, but you can read their privacy policy at

C: Cookies

  • HTTP Cookies are small text files that track what you do across sites and on sites. SkyCubes does not use any cookies that are required for functionality of the web, and you can easily block cookies in browser settings.
  • Most cookies are from Google or Weebly. SkyCubes itself does not retain any liability from Google or Weebly's practices, but if drawn in court, we will usually side with the user if he/she is a plaintiff or defendant.

II: How SkyCubes uses your information


  • SkyCubes only uses personal information to fulfill requests and answer questions made by the user who disclosed their email to us. This includes tech support and SkyCubes-composed emails.
  • Just as a reminder, SkyCubes does not accept liability for any forged or fake emails appearing to come from us.

B: Non Personal Information

  • SkyCubes uses non personal information to analyze where our services our most effective and what to do as a company. That's it!

​III: Who we share your info with

We don't share any of your personal information with any third party except in court cases.

We may disclose non personal info statistics or use them with service providers that improve our services.